Mahavedh is a Public Private Partnership (PPP) project on Build, Own & Operate (BOO) basis. Through this project, the Government of Maharashtra (GoM) plans to establish a network of Automatic Weather Stations (AWS), at a rate of one AWS in every revenue circle. The AWS network will comprise of an area of 12 square km in lowland and 5 square km in the highland.

Through this project, quality weather data would be collected for a period of seven years by establishing a revenue circle wise network of AWS in Maharashtra. A network of more than 2,000 AWS have been planned to capture weather parameters such as rainfall, air temperature, relative humidity, wind speed and wind direction. Collected weather data will be used for crop insurance schemes, research and development purposes, weather forecasting, crop advisories, implementation of welfare and development schemes, disaster management and or for any other purpose involving larger public interest through ICAR/state agriculture universities.

Objectives & Anticipated Benefits of the Project:

  • To develop weather advisories
  • To develop agro-met advisories
  • Disaster management
  • Research and development
  • To implement welfare and development schemes